Prestigious Grants awarded

The TGAC is proud to announce the acquirement of 2 grants by the Dutch Cancer Society KWF. Both projects will use NGS technologies to identify and validate clinically relevant predictive and prognostic mutation and copy number aberrations in large series of tumors. One project is to evaluate specific copy number aberrations to predict response to irinotecan containing therapy in advanced colorectal cancer in collaborations with Prof. Gerrit Meijer, Group leader of Diagnostic Oncology at the National Cancer Institute (NKI). The other project is designed to determine differential molecular and immunological parameters for upfront stratification of patients with follicular lymphoma and is in collaboration with Daphne de Jong, Professor in hematopathology at VUmc and Marie José Kersten, Professor of Internal Medicine of our alliance partner AMC. All data generated will be will be secured by adding it to the public domain through organized (inter-)national scale research infrastructures, employing tools like tranSMART and cBioportal.

Advertisements to announce post-doc positions as well as technicians based on these grants will follow in due time (acquisitions not appreciated).

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